Cotton Bags UK

Cotton Bags UK

Cotton Bag is the leading cotton bags wholesale and printed canvas bags wholesale supplier in the UK. In the business for over 10 years our aim is to be the wholesale fabric bags supplier of Europe. We supply over 100 styles of bags including the lightweight 5oz bags to the slightly heavier 8oz-12oz bags. We are not just a supplier but we can custom print them with your logo within 10 working days! Can’t find the bag you are looking for? No problem, we provide a fully bespoke service allowing you to design your perfect bag!

We believe in making cotton bags and printed canvas bags an affordable alternative to the normal plastic shopping bags. Whether you are a multi-national retailer or a small local business, you are guaranteed to find the bags you are looking for. We are a wholesale fabric bags supplier with over 80 bag styles held in stock at all times. Along with our bespoke bag service, finding your perfect custom printed bags couldn’t be simpler. Sedex certified factories and ethical trading, allows us to supply good quality, ethically sourced bags made in our factories in India and China. Have any of our cotton shopping bags and canvas bags printed with your artwork within 10 working days! We’ve worked hard to source our bags, without compromising our ethical values.

At Cotton Bag we provide eco-friendly packaging solutions for companies and end-users. We champion saving the planet without adding costs to businesses. Our cotton bags are ideal alternatives to wasteful disposable shopping bags made from plastic. Want to know how to reduce your impact on the planet without costing your business money? With our organic, fair-trade, and Sedex approved cotton bags, we can help you on your journey to help save the planet whether you are a small local business or a multi-national retailer. Cotton Bag’s fabrics are made with the highest-quality materials that have been carefully and ethically sourced. We also offer fully bespoke services to our customers and can customise bags to match your brand. Keen to find out more? Click on the ‘Get a Quote’ button at the top of this page, fill out a few details, and one of our customer representatives will be in touch as soon as possible. Our designers operate from our in-house design studio. They deliver innovative designs for retailers worldwide and have hundreds of ready-made designs to choose from. We also offer a personalised tote bag service for customers looking to add a personal touch to their cotton bag.

Wholesale Cotton Bag Supplier

Cotton Bag is a leading manufacturer of ethically sourced and produced cotton bags in the UK. We believe ethical alternatives should be available to everyone, everywhere, and at affordable prices. In a rush? We offer a range of over 80 styles and promotional cotton tote bags which are available at all times. With our bespoke in house product design service also on offer, if you make us your supplier, we are sure you won’t be disappointed. With over 10 years of experience working with canvas and cotton bags, we have built a reputation for providing quality reusable bags that look after the planet at affordable prices. Sedex and Fairtrade certified, our organic cotton bags are eco-friendly and ethically yet inexpensively produced. Our solid brand profile is also built on our experienced team of skilled individuals, supportive and friendly sales team, and our reliable service.

Cotton Bag FAQs

What is a cotton bag?

Cotton is a highly durable material that is 100% recyclable. Its versatility also makes it perfect for use as both a reusable and disposable bag that doesn’t harm the planet. Tightly woven and carefully sewn cotton fibres allow our cotton bags to stand freely even when empty making them easier to pack and unpack. Our cotton bags are a great alternative shopping bag that helps to keep our planet safer.

Are cotton bags completely recyclable?

Our cotton bags are 100% recyclable and bio-degradable. However, you can use them over and over without them breaking like a plastic bag. By choosing cotton over plastic you can help keep land, rivers, and the oceans free from pollution. Our cotton bags are an eco-friendly bagging solution that makes it easier for you to protect the planet.

What makes Cotton Bag’s bags ethical?

We adhere to strict fair trading policies and demand that our suppliers uphold these standards. We are also certified by Sedex, an organisation seeking to empower responsible supply chains. By adhering to fair trading policy and achieving accreditation from relevant agencies in UK industry we offer our clients assurance of our ethical credentials.

How are cotton bags made?

Our cotton bags are made with organic cotton free from pesticides. First, raw seed cotton needs to be cleaned so it is free from any debris. It is then broken down with module feeders that feed the broken down cotton into a gin. Once in a cotton gin, the seed cotton needs to be dried and cleaned before being plucked to produce yarn. It is then packed in bales and sent to be processed into our carefully woven and sewn cotton bags.

What is organic cotton and how different is it from ordinary cotton?

The growth of cotton is an extremely complicated process that often involves the use of chemicals that are harmful to the environment and deplete the ozone depletion. Organic cotton is often grown using natural methods while limiting the use of chemicals in most cases to zero. Organic cotton is safer for the environment, the soils and also those growing it.

Which is better, canvas or cotton?

Cotton and canvas are excellent materials for making reusable bags. However, plain cotton has a small percentage of shrinkage which makes it a better material for reusable bags. The natural cotton canvas can shrink unless it is made from processed cotton fabric. However, cotton soils easily after use. Considering each of these factors is critical before choosing your preferred bag.

Are cotton bags durable?

Cotton bags are durable and have a long-lasting design. Even better, they’re inexpensive and offer enough space to hold everything you need when you’re out. Besides being durable, cotton bags are also statement pieces and are perfect for branding.

How many times can you reuse a cotton bag?

The number of times you can reuse a cotton bag depends on how aggressively you use it and what you use it for. luckily, the bags are durable enough to last for over five years when used and cared for properly.