About Us

CottonBag is a packaging solution company that offers eco-friendly bags to companies and end-users. We are all about saving the planet and leaving something future generations can inherit and be proud of. However, we do not seek to achieve all this at the expense of your business. No. In fact, we want you to jump on board on saving the planet. As such, we operate as a wholesale company.
We source for high-quality materials and fabric and through a bespoke service, customize bags to suit your business’ brand. As many people come to the realization that plastic is choking and killing the planet slowly but surely, we are convinced that canvas, cotton, jute and burlap bags are the future.
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What makes us different?

We have been working with canvas and cotton bags for the past ten years. During this time, we have built a solid brand with an excellent reputation in the UK. We are considered industry experts. And true to this, our team consists of equally skilled and experienced individuals. To top it all off, we undertint every business is different we, therefore, have a sales team which is supportive and friendly. It will listen to your needs and dedicate its time and energy to meeting these goals a best as they can.

Over the years, we have handled different companies, both small and big companies. We have handled strict and laid back clients successfully. Whether it was a wine carrier, a book bag or simply a strong bag for the heavy shopper, we rose to the challenge and created a piece they were more than happy with.

Some may argue that we are a business, and our priority should be marketing and sales. Well, while these activities are important to us, we also feel it’s important that we know where our quality materials come from. For this reason, we send company representatives to India for monitoring and inspection. Each bag is made from factories that are ETI certified and with natural fibre. Moreover, the factories are registered with SEDEX and are continually improving ethical performance.

The fact that you are running a business is not a guarantee that you are great at design. But be it as it may, you need creative designs to help build your brand and have it resonate with your target market. For this reason, you either have to contract a designer or consult with our in-house design team.

We are all about meeting deadlines and helping our clients succeed. Whether you have an order of 100 units or 100,000 units, we shall deliver in record time. This could be between seven and ten business days or at time longer depending on the size of the order, the urgency of delivery and the location of production. The complexity of design also affects delivery times.

Why Choose CottonBag?

CottonBag has been created by JuteBag.co.uk to help offer a wider range of cotton and canvas products to our customers. Through building relationships with suppliers and customers we’ve earned a reputation of reliability and trustworthiness.

Whether you’re a multinational retailer, or a village off-licence, everyone can benefit from our highly competitive prices and bespoke service.

Our Ethical Policies

We adhere to a strict fair trading policy, and expect all of our suppliers to support and uphold these beliefs.

CottonBag is aware of its responsibility to its clients as well as its employees. For this reason, we adhere to the fair trading policy. To this effect, we are certified by relevant agencies in the UK industry.

A Moment of Revelation

The plastic bag problem isn’t limited to the streets of Britain, but many of us are unaware of how widespread it is.

Plastic bags have plagued our streets for so long. Over the years, we have watched them steal the beauty of our land, pollute rivers and kill aquatic life. The idea to go green and offer eco-friendly packaging solutions came when one of the company directors visited the Masai Mara in Kenya and experienced first-hand how plastic bag litter was killing and affecting wildlife. He came back pumped to take action and make a difference. The result was the creation of CottonBag in 2004.