• Alternatives to Plastic Trash Bags

    Alternatives to Plastic Trash Bags

    Most homes have put in a decent effort to move away from plastic bags. However, plastic trash bags have been a challenge because they are not reusable, and you don’t want a bag that will leak waste into your home.

    If you’ve been seriously thinking of moving away from plastic trash bags but don’t have any alternatives in mind, here are a few options that are environmentally friendly and work just as well as plastic trash bags.

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    Compostable trash bags

    Compostable trash bags are a good choice if you’re thinking of composting your waste. But you can also use them for the municipal collection system. The compostable bags are easily degradable. They degrade in as little as 180 days. They are petroleum-free and BPI-certified.

    The compostable trash bags make an excellent choice if you need a single-use trash bag that is not a plastic bag.

    Lawn bags

    Lawn bags are solid and durable. They are commonly used in homes that have compost or for recyclable trash. The bags are readily biodegradable, compact and easy to store. You can find them easily, so you don’t have to worry about spending hours driving from one store to the next.

    Most varieties are tear-resistant and easily stand up when in use, so you don’t necessarily have to worry about having a bin around the house. Most lawn bags have a large capacity, so they are a perfect fit for homes with a lot of waste.

    The lawn bags are an alternative to plastic bags when you’re looking for a bag to throw away grass clippings, leaves and paper bags. You can use them on your compost and take them outside for collection. Because they have a two-ply construction, the bags can handle both dry and wet waste.

    Biodegradable bags

    As the shift from plastic bags continues to gather steam, manufacturers are finding new alternatives that can replace plastic bags while remaining as effective as they are.  Biodegradable bags are emerging as a top alternative to plastic trash bags.

    There are different types of biodegradable bags. Some are made from plant starch, and others are made from chemicals that break down quickly and don’t poison the soil.

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    The best thing about biodegradable bags is they work the same way as plastic bags. They are just as strong and don’t leak. Most users shouldn’t have any problems moving away from plastic bags.

    Reusable bags

    If you take time to sort your garbage before throwing it out, then you might want to consider reusable bags. These will only work with dry waste. We have a selection of cotton bags that would make great trash bags.

    Reusable bags are not only an excellent alternative to plastic trash bags, but they also make more financial sense because you don’t have to buy bags regularly.

    Create a compost

    If you have some space in your backyard, you can try creating compost where you turn your waste into manure that you can use to grow vegetables. By having compost, you don’t’ have to worry about using plastic bags. However, you will need to sort the trash before throwing it in the compost. All plastic and glass waste can be picked up for recycling, and you can throw the biodegradable waste in your compost pit.

    Closing Remarks

    Moving away from plastic trash bags might seem impossible at first. But a quick search shows there are plenty of alternatives in the market. If you’re also looking to save money, you can opt for reusable bags, which you can clean after throwing out the trash then reuse the bag.

    For homes that are working towards self-sufficiency, a compost pit is a good idea. You can use the manure from the hole to grow organic vegetables for your family.

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