Canvas Bags – If Only They Were Alive

Canvas bags – if only they were alive, what would they do & say? Would they blame the plastic bags for taking over the world? Would they blame them for clogging the drainage systems, polluting the oceans and destroying the natural habitats of sea life? As plastic bags produce in masses, are tough enough to last long before they completely decompose and are cost effective comparatively – would they be blamed for the chaos going on in the world? May be some of them would blame them and maybe some of them wouldn’t.

Those that would give blame, would spend a considerable amount of time trying to clean up the act of the plastic bags, maybe protest about them, reduce their usage by restricting them in many ways, may be even banning their use completely. The extremities would include the canvas bags waging a war against them, using various violent methods to eradicate plastic bags off this planet. Is that the true answer though? Isn’t this operating from a space of fear, the others would contest.

Now those canvas bags that would rather self reflect and consider in depth where the issue is stemming from would recognise that the issue is not the plastic bags. The issue is the collective. The collective reflection of all bags that is projecting itself as a problem in the outer world where it is seen that plastic bags are taking over the world. It is not just the plastic bags that are responsible for the chaos in the world but it is the collective including themselves that has caused this issue to arise. These canvas bags realise that everything stems from one, and this simply is a part of experience that the one would like to engage in, in order to expand.

So the answer is not protesting against the plastic bags, not restricting them, not banning them. But the answer lies in education and ultimately evolution. The answer lies in changing from within. These canvas bags realise that in order to evolve there must be chaos first, that is just the order of the universe. From chaos will stem order. After all the universe itself was formed from chaos. As there will be destruction and demolition of the old to give way for the new there will be an emergence of a new order.

These canvas bags realise that although they play their part in this drama they are nothing but mere observers. Observers that watch and fear not. Their only purpose here is to raise their vibration and the vibration of others that surround them and then let the play unfold. There is no need, there is no want but just to be, to be a note in this orchestra of life.

These canvas bags evolve themselves, progressing through life in a very stable and sure way. Only if canvas bags were alive, would they be able to show us the way forward? Some would and some would not, and that’s just the way it is.


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