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Unfortunately, the packaging industry has minimal regulations. Because of this, many companies in the UK operate as they please looking out for no one but themselves. However, Cotton Bag is different in this. From inception, we made a deliberate effort to acquire necessary certifications and adhere to industry rules and regulations. Though it cost more at first, it set us up for success and has helped us build trust with manufacturing companies and clients fast.

But before we get into the certification, we should highlight one thing. Though businesses are encouraged to go green and help save the planet, it doesn’t mean that they go with the first company they come across. Businesses are obligated to research and confirm their packaging solution provider is certified and capable of delivering eco-friendly bags as they claim.

Sedex Manufacturer

This policy applies to all companies operating in the UK. It requires companies to pay employees well and ensure individuals can access products and services at reduced costs. It also ensures that cotton farmers in developing countries receive a stable price for cotton.

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Registered No: ZC1037402

Sedex Manufacturer

This safeguards the interests of the poor in society. For CottonBag and all companies we work with, it’s all about offering employees the best possible working experience. For this, we are certified by Sedex. Our registration number is ZC1037402.

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Registered No: 20978

Sedex Manufacturer

This is a product certification that governs companies in the textile industry. It upholds quality and issues a certificate that is valid for a year. The certificate outlines all tests conducted and passed as per the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 requirements.