Eco Bags

Eco Bags

Eco bags are reusable, low cost, and an excellent way of reducing the amount of plastic bags that enter the market. Commonly known as bag-for-life, the bags are hardy, durable, and diverse in their applications.

With a little creativity and innovation, at Cotton Bags, we have found numerous ways to make eco bags stylish and fun to use. Our eco bags come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. We also have them in various colours to make it easier for our clients to find the right bag for them.

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Advantages of Eco Bags

There are several reasons why you should consider buying an eco bag:

Low cost

Eco bags are affordable to make and use. This is more so the case because you can use one eco bag multiple times instead of using it once and throwing it away.


Eco bags are made from recycled plastic. Hence preventing the plastic used to make the bags from making its way on to the streets, rivers, oceans, and landfills and slowly leaking chemicals into the environment. The most beautiful thing about eco bags is that they are recyclable.

Strong and comfortable

When designed and built properly as we do at Cotton Bags, eco bags are stronger and more durable than conventional plastic bags. They are more comfortable to carry around, and with our creative touch, we also make them more stylish.

Bespoke eco bags

We have an extensive collection of stock eco bags available that come in various colours, shapes, and sizes. But we understand that our clients might sometimes want something different that doesn’t feature in our stock collection.

Using our bespoke service, our clients can make their own eco bags from coming up with the design, the colour scheme, and even the printing in case that is required.

For clients who use our bespoke service, we have the order ready in as little as eight weeks. For larger orders, we can settle on agreeable delivery time with the client.

Ethical Policies

We are passionate about the environment and taking care of everything around us. That is why we adhere to a strict, fair trading policy, and we only work with stakeholders that share the same goal. We use responsibly sourced materials for our products and take every opportunity possible to recycle.

We are fully aware of our responsibilities to our clients, employees, and the surrounding, which is why we subscribe to the fair trading policy and are certified by all the relevant agencies in the UK.

Leading Supplier of Eco Bags in the UK

Most of our bulk orders come from the corporate world for the purpose of branding and marketing. But we also receive plenty of orders from retailers we have been working with for many years, and together, we have built successful businesses.

Our extensive range of bag eco bag designs and mass production ensures that our retailers keep a competitive edge in the market and keep growing. While we keep our production costs low, we also ensure we offer the best quality products to our customers.

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