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Festival Bags

Festival bags come in all shapes and sizes. They are cool, classy and functional. If you love having fun and don’t want a bag that will hold you back but still offers secure storage for your phone, among other items, a festival bag is a perfect choice.

Because of their diverse nature, the functions of festival bags have also increased. They are not only limited to music festivals. Depending on the design of the bag, you can use it when going for grocery shopping or when you’re travelling the world. The purpose of the bag is to keep everything within reach, particularly your phone.

At Cotton Bags, we have gone further and made festival bags even more functional by making them from ethically sourced organic cotton. Our festival bags are reusable and washable, ensuring you get to use the bag for as long as you want.

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Choose from Various Festival Bag Designs

At Cotton Bags, you can choose from various festival bag designs depending on the function of the bag and your design preference. The bags come in various sizes and colours to suit different applications.

Each of the bag designs is carefully thought out to ensure the bag is functional and looks elegant. The bags come with different closures to secure the contents of the bag and varying adjustable fastening options that ensure the bag stays in place as you move around.

The colour range makes it easier for you to select bags depending on the season. For summer, you can go for our bold and vibrant colours that represent the fun and cheer of summer.

Customised Festival Bags

If you’re looking for something specific, our design team can help you bring your idea to life. We can accessorise the bag according to your preference, make some of our designs in your preferred colours, and even make a customised bag from scratch.

You can choose the accessories you want on the bag, and our designers will work around the clock to bring your idea to life.

Ethically Sourced, Organic, Fair Trade Imported Cotton

Although cotton is a natural fibre, we are aware of the damage its growth has on the environment because of the excessive use of pesticides. That is why we only source organic and sustainable cotton to make our festival and other bags.

Our cotton is ethically sourced, and we aim to empower the communities and farmers that rely on cotton as a cash crop. We are certified by SEDEX, Fair Trade and Organic, which means we are serious about the source of the cotton we use in our bags and the impact we have on the communities that rely on it.


Our premium quality festival bags are reasonably priced. They are even more affordable because they are made from sustainable, eco-friendly and reusable materials, so you don’t have to worry about buying multiple bags.

For clients looking for bulk orders, we have an expansive, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant that is capable of delivering bulk and customised orders accurately and on time.

For customised branding orders that require printing on one of our stock designs, we can complete the order within 10 working days, depending on the size of the order and the nature of printing.

We can also make customised bags for our clients and brand them with their preferred signage. We have also partnered with other manufacturing plants. This ensures we can handle an influx in orders without compromising on quality.

You can rely on us to make timely delivery and offer affordable and valuable products within your budget at all times.