Personalised Tote Bags

Personalised Tote Bags

People all over the world are becoming more eco-friendly. They are more aware of how their efforts impact their immediate environment and, consequently, the future generation. Because of this awareness, they are trying to reduce the number of disposable containers they use or throw away.

One of the ways we’ve seen people try to save the planet is by using reusable tote bags. Personalised tote bags are versatile and also help in reducing plastic waste. Also, they offer utility and functionality.

Now, the next time you visit the grocery store, take some time to inspect the checkout line. You will see many people skipping plastic bags and instead of packing the items they’ve bought in reusable bags they carried from home. Aside from being functional, they are also perfect for businesses and companies to create and promote brand awareness.

Cottonbag is in the business of creating Personalised tote bags that will help boost your business’ awareness and reduce the money you spend on marketing your business. Here is how our services fit into your business.

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Canvas Bags
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Personalised Printed Canvas Bags

We work hard to ensure we provide unique designs for our clients, depending on the use of the bags. But we understand that some clients have unique applications that require special bags. With our bespoke bag service, you can create the ultimate bag that fits your use.

If we have a bag design that you love, but you would like to have the branding changed, we can also help you. Together with our in-house design team, you can create your print design, select your preferred colours, and any other details that match your brand and best help the bag to serve your purpose.

Why Canvas Printed Bags?

  • Canvas bags are handy, versatile, and durable. You can use them for just about anything from going to the supermarket with the bags to using them as your formal bag when going to the office.
  • You can use the bag as a canvas that markets your brand or spreads positivity and encouragement, depending on the message you have on the bag.
  • Lastly, canvas bags are environment-friendly and reusable. You will not only preserve the environment but your finances as well.
  • We cater to corporate clients and retailers. We can deliver bulk orders according to the specified requirements and designs in a timely and efficient manner. Most importantly, we offer affordable rates, which make our bags a viable option if you’re looking to resell them.

Business and brand promotion

Though we offer plain tote bags as a standard, most of our clients always want to personalise their tote bags. And actually, many businesses rarely use plain tote bags. Usually, they have them printed with the company colours and logo.

They do this because it is free advertising space, and as a business, they remain in the minds of their target market for longer. This way whenever they need a specific service that you offer, you’ll be the first person they talk to.

And given that tote bags are versatile in their use, loyal customers use them everywhere they go and extend your reach. And with our high-quality cotton bags, you can print whatever you please on the bags. You can choose from our ready-made designs, or you can send us your unique design. However, for unique designs, they need to meet our quality standards. This enables us to meet high printing standards as well.

Speaking of quality designs and printing, we are particular with the method of printing we use. This is because different designs require different machinery to have the powerful effect your business requires. We have partnered with a host of companies that offer specialised printing. These partnerships allow us to deliver quality within a short time.

But if you don’t have a design and don’t like our premade designs, you can reach out to our skilled team of designers to handle everything for you. Explain what you’d like to have on the cotton bag and leave it to them to bring it to life.


Aside from printing different designs on the bags, we also offer a range of personalization options, including changing the handles, the size of the bag, having a zipper, or cool labels for a luxurious feel.

Now, depending on the level of customization you want, we shall take between 3 and 10 business days. Yes, this is faster than what many businesses in our space can offer. However, we expect that you place a minimum order of 1000 pieces.

The Leading wholesale supplier in the UK

We are among the best in the industry at the moment. We pride ourselves on having one of a kind customer service and quality product delivery. We believe that the success of your business translates to the success of our business, as well. It is a win-win. We, therefore, put everything we’ve got into the making of personalised tote bags and watch the time within which we deliver.

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