Wholesale Canvas Pouches

Canvas Pouches

Our small jute pouches are perfect for small gifts bags and favours. Choose our large or medium jute pouches for unique packaging. We also provide premium jute drawstring sacks in 2 sizes. We are all about preserving the environment with our eco-friendly products. We have a wide selection of products, including canvas bags.

Canvas bags come in a variety of bag sizes. These different sizes are ideal for accommodating the different styles and needs of potential customers. Aside from size, as a company, we also have a host of many differently styled canvas bags. And the beauty of these bags is not only that they are eco-friendly but also come in many different styles and designs. We have canvas pouches and tote bags to cater to different clients.


Personalisation bags

We allow clients to personalise their canvas bags. In the 21st century, clients must have a say in the look of their bag. It helps the customer own the product and fall in love with it all the more. This way, they can be reused and help improve brand awareness and business marketing.

The fact that personalisation helps you create brand awareness should be enough to sell you on our canvas bags. Speaking of personalisation, in the event you don’t have a design to be printed on the bags, you can get in touch with our in-house design team. Our team will cater to your needs and help you create a design that matches your brand and tells its story.


And unlike other companies, we do not charge a premium for our products. They are affordable and are delivered in record time. Though the time we take depends on the size of the order and the type of design required, we strive to keep the time we take (even for large orders), under ten days. This is faster than what other companies can boast about.

Yes we get a stream of orders all through and an influx during holidays. But even then, because of our partnerships with manufacturing companies, we can produce high-quality canvas bags faster and cheaper even during peak season.

Why Canvas bags?

Our cotton bags are made from canvas. Being a cotton product, canvas is strong and durable; it’s also eco-friendly.

It’s also easier to print on cotton bags. Numerous printing methods are compatible with canvas bags, making the whole personalisation process a breeze.

Businesses are charging for plastic bags; this makes them expensive to use in the long run. Because of this, more customers opt to purchase canvas bags.

And depending on the size, you can use the canvas bag for virtually anything you please. You can use it for shopping, storing pencils and other stationery, going for a picnic, hitting the gym and more.

The leading supplier in the UK

Well, we are dedicated to providing nothing but high-quality bags to our clients. They are long-lasting and durable. Place an order with us today and see your business grow organically over time.

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