Wholesale Cotton Drawstring Bag

Fabric: 5oz (150gsm) Cotton
Colour: Natural
Size: 44cm (h) x 36cm (w)
Handles: Cotton Drawstring


Screen Print UK OVERSEAS
Print Area 28cm (h) x 26cm (w) Edge to Edge
Minimum Order 100 1,000
Lead Times 10 Working Days From 8 Weeks

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    5oz (150gsm) Cotton drawstring bag with drawstring handles.

    Available in natural cotton.

    Visit our online web-shop www.ecoduka.com to purchase our plain bags. Minimum order: 25 bags

    Cotton drawstring bags are underrated. We say this because they are multi-purpose and are long-lasting. At Cotton Bags UK we have taken the step of making high-quality drawstring cotton bags and printing unique designs. We are all about making drawstring bags as popular as they ought to be and preaching its many uses.

    Cotton drawstring bag uses

    Though the number of drawstring bag uses depend on an individual and their creativity, below are the common uses.

    Gym bag: cotton drawstring bags make the perfect gym bags since they are flexible and are easy to open and close. You can fit your gym clothing and gear in the drawstring bag (depending on its size) comfortably. In addition to being spacious, they are also malleable and are easy to clean. As such, you will not have to stress about cleaning the drawstring bag after a long gym session or rugby game.

    Storing toys: they have proven to be perfect for storing toys like Lego and cars. Usually, they take the shape of the items you store in them. Because of this, you can fit a lot of toys than you would in a regular storage box or drawer.

    Promoting businesses: drawstrings can be used to promote businesses (startups and established businesses alike). This can be done through personalising and branding them. You can then hand them out during events along with useful information about your business.

    Everyday use: given their malleability, ease of cleaning and customisable design, drawstring bags are perfect for everyday use. You can use them for shopping and carrying just about anything you please.

    Kids school bag: Yes, with a little customisation, our cotton drawstring bags make the perfect school bag for your kids. You can even buy a plain drawstring bag and decorate it with your little one – let their creative juices flow. They will appreciate the artwork, and they will be happy to show it off to their friends.


    Cotton drawstring bags are eco-friendly. Their manufacture doesn’t pollute the environment like plastic does. Moreover, since they are made from plant-based fibre, they are bio-degradable. Also, the fact that they are made from cotton means that they are strong and durable. And even when they get wet, their strength increases all the more.

    Print on demand

    We offer printing services on all drawstring bags. We have premade designs you can choose from on our website, or you can opt to send us your designs. When sending your preferred design, make sure to follow the artwork instructions and guidelines availed for exquisite results.

    But also, we do a lot of work to ensure that the prints are done with the right technology and the order is delivered on time. Usually, a small order takes about three days to complete, and a large order can take up to 8 weeks to complete.


    You can order cotton drawstring bags in any colour you prefer to match your design. We offer consultancy on the colour that would be perfect for your design. But ultimately the decision is yours.

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