Promotional Cotton Bags

Promotional Cotton Bags

Adding print to cotton bags is the in thing in the 21st century – and for several good reasons. First, the cotton bags are eco-friendly, cheap and most importantly, durable in comparison to plastic bags. On the flip side, businesses charge for plastic bags. When you put all these together, you end up with a population looking for promotional cotton bags and ways to make them unique and stand out for their business and personalities.

And according to marketers, promotional cotton bags offer a one of a kind branding opportunity. After all, you have to make maximum use of customers to help build awareness around your brand.

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Branding tools

The unspoken rule about promotional items is that they should be inexpensive but have a high influence on your clients and business partners. Moreover, the promotional item should at least offer value to your potential customers.

Our promotional cotton bags are in this light, a great option for any business looking to grow fast.

Varied sizes

We offer cotton bags in different sizes. These sizes are designed to meet the different needs of clients. Some may want to use the cotton bags for shopping, others for carrying gym clothes and others for picnics. Our cotton bags vary with size and are available in a number of designs.

Different designs

Speaking of different design, you’ll fall in love with our ready-made designs and our customization service. Though customized products are slightly more expensive than regular cotton bags, they are ideal for businesses that offer bespoke services and would lie to maintain a luxurious feel even with their promotional items.

We have designs on our website you can use. Alternatively, you can send us a design to match your brand and pass a message to your target market. The designs are simple but effective. And for great printing results, we have a host of printing methods at our disposal. We are aware that different designs are brought to life through specific printing methods.

If you choose our printing or customisation service, you’ll have the bags ready within a couple of weeks. The time we take depends on the size of the order and the level of customization required.

Note: Our promotional cotton bags are available in a range of colours.


Cotton is the leading plant fibre in the world, followed closely by jute. For centuries, cotton has built a solid reputation for itself courtesy of its strength, durability and ease of printing. With the planet’s life on the line, going eco-friendly is important to many businesses and customers as well.

Aside from being eco-friendly, the promotional cotton bags are reusable, and the print lasts long.

Leading Promotional Cotton Bag Wholesale Supplier in the UK

For years, we have enjoyed great success in the UK cotton bag industry. We have fostered great partnerships with UK retailers and customers. We have taken the high road and built the business on strong business relationships, quality products, affordability, and timeliness. In addition to all these, we are continually exploring more tech options to improve the service we offer especially in customisation and printing.

Regardless of the message, season or design, we are ready to take up your project and make perfect cotton bags that will boost business awareness – your win is our win.

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