Why Choose Us?

To run a successful business, you need to be creative with your product, service delivery, customer support, marketing, and after-sale services. But most entrepreneurs know this. So the question is, why don’t their infuse creativity into their business. Well first, because it’s easier said than done and two, very few B2B companies support creativity.

Luckily for you, CottonBag UK has a bespoke service that helps you market, promote and build your brand differently. From our standard range of products (between 3 oz. and 18 oz. canvas bags) you can choose a size that fits your needs best. From there, you can select different bag styles, handles, colour, and artwork.

To help fast forward the process, we have an online bag builder you can use. With this tech, you’ll finish customizing your dream bag in a few clicks. We firmly believe that if you can imagine it, we can create it for you.

You Imagine it, we’ll create it.

We can custom make and get you best jute promotional bags at a wholesale price, choose your own dimensions and add extras such as bag lining, trims, buttons or zips.

Bag Style  CottonBag offers a range of bag styles made from canvas and cotton. If you can’t find a size or a style you want from our premade collection, give us a call, and we shall create a bag fitting your dimensions and style.

Handle Type We are proud to have more than ten types of handles. These range from long shoulder straps to short cords. You can add any handle depending on the style of the bag.

Bag Features If you want your bag to have a premium feel, you can add extra features including zips, buttons, lining and pockets.

Colour Clients we have served in the past seem to want bags that match their brand colours. This is a recommended design approach as it maintains brand consistency and avoids confusing your target market. We can pull off simple or complex colour designs.

Print We have a range of printing technologies at our disposal. These range from embroidery to screen printing and heat transfer. The method we choose depends on the design and the goal.

Design Service If you have your artwork ready, you can send it to our design team. However, they’ll first require that you convert it into the right format. The team will guide you through the process and can create new artwork from scratch.

Over the years we’ve been in service, we’ve forged great business relationships with printing factories. These relationships afford us access to high tech printing technologies which ensure high-quality product delivery.

You Imagine it, we’ll create it.

Heat Transfer this method transfers patterns onto fabrics (commonly known as substrates) through heat. The designs can be transferred using an electrostatic printer or a press.

Puff & Foil printing is typically a commercial print process, the application of pigment or metallic foil, often gold or silver. Foil stamping can be combined with embossing to create a more striking 3D image.

Gradient Printingthis technique is used to convert complicated gradient prints into spot colour prints.

Screen Printingit’s the most common and versatile. However, it is used on orders of over 100 units. More than ten colours can be printed on fabric.

Digital Printing we suggest it for colourful designs and complex details like photographs.

Embroidery we use it to create beautiful and different artwork.

Time is money. As such, you need to save it as much as you can. To help you redeem time, we offer timely and flexible deliveries. Depending on the size and complexity of the order, we deliver between seven and ten days.

You Imagine it, we’ll create it.

Manufacture we have different two print locations on in India and another in the U.K. the location where your order is prepared depends on the lead time needed and the size of the order.

Large UK Stock we always have jute, cotton and canvas bags in stock. Having inventory allows us to deliver on urgent orders.

Warehousing if you need be, you have use hold your stock in our warehouse in the U.K.

Delivery Options we deliver orders through Parcelforce or FedEx UPS.

Order Quantities the order amounts vary from 100 – 100,000 for the printed. However, for plain bags, you can order as low as 25 units.

Lead Times depending on the order, we deliver between seven and ten days, between three and four weeks or even between eight and ten weeks.

We are among the first companies in the U.K. to offer eco-friendly packaging solutions. We work with factories in India to ensure we get high-quality canvas ad cotton bags. And to ensure that these standards are kept over time, we send company representatives to these factories for inspection and monitoring.

With that said, when you choose to work with us, you’ll not only be helping save the planet but also spreading the word that there are alternative packaging solutions that don’t harm the environment.

You Imagine it, we’ll create it.

Specialists as a company, we have more than seven years of experience in the industry. We understand cotton and jute production and as such, can determine the quality of fabric with ease.

Delivery Options in supplying to major retailers at competitive prices, without compromising on quality or service.

Ability to provide status of goods production progress to customers at any stage of manufacturing.

Innovative we spend a lot of money and time researching new technology. This technology is used to manufacture materials, make designs and print.

Competitively Priced However large or small your order, we will provide competitive prices, without compromising on quality or service.

Quality Service Our staff have over 7 years of experience and knowledge in the jute & cotton industry. We will provide you with a quality service from initial quote to final dispatch of your bags.