10 Reasons Why You Should Recycle

A couple of years back, very few people, if any, paid attention to the waste that was accumulating in their homes and landfills. As such, the problem grew so big that it attracted the attention of the authorities who are now concerned that the waste will cause chaos if nothing is done. Luckily, a […]

Facts about Cotton

Cotton is the oldest crop and is the backbone of the fashion industry. The first mention and use of cotton was in India. However, it had its breakthrough at the start of the 19th century when textile manufacturing was gaining traction. Today, more than a third of all fabrics are made from cotton, like […]

Cotton vs Plastic Bags

In the past decade, many cities and countries have banned the use of plastic bags. They have done this to help save the planet from pollution. At first, plastic was not a big deal. But when the story of a sperm whale found with plastic in its stomach broke out, many governments and environmental […]

Where is Cotton Grown?

Today, many products are made from cotton. And given its popularity and use, many forget it’s a plant that needs to be harvested seasonally to meet the ever-growing demand for cotton products all over the world. Cotton has been grown for more than five centuries, and it’s only in the mid-1900s when its farming […]

Polyester vs Cotton

Reading this, you are probably unsure of whether you should buy a polyester or cotton shirt. Or maybe a blend of the two? Now, although the polyester fabric has been around for more than 50 years, its usage continues to grow. Also, cotton usage doesn’t show any signs of reducing any time soon. They […]

How is Cotton Made?

Before we start, we should clarify this – cotton is not made, it’s grown. The steps we describe below are cotton processing or manufacturing. Now, of all the machinery invented in the 18th century, the one that stood out the most and made the most significant impact was the cotton gin. The ‘gin’ changed […]

What are Plastic Bags Made Of?

Plastic take aeons to decompose. But this much you know – the question you have today is – what are plastic bags made of that they take so long to decompose? Well, they are made from a polymer called polyethene. The material starts as ethylene (a natural gas extract). It undergoes through processing and […]

What is Brushed Cotton?

Whether you are in the fabric world or not, you’ve undoubtedly heard about cotton. Cotton is the number one fabric around the world and is used to produce both affordable and eco-friendly cotton bags. Now, cotton is derived from the cellulose fibres of cotton plants. These fibres are spun into threads to make fabric. […]

Jute Bag vs Plastic Bag

Jute bag is a natural fibre that is found from a native plant that grows in South East Asia, including Bangladesh and India. The plant just like cotton is processed into a strong and durable fibre. The fibre is, in turn, used to make durable and eco-friendly packaging products. But recently, there has been […]

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