• Top 5 Charity Merchandise

    Top 5 Charity Merchandise

    Once in a while, giving back to your sponsors in a charity is an excellent way to show appreciation and motivate them. Merchandise is a great way to give back or even boost contributions without denting your finances. With charity merchandise, it’s not about the cost but rather the thought. They also make a great platform to spread the word about your charity or pass a message.
    1. Custom Branded Cotton Bags
    Cotton bags make the perfect gift for your sponsors. They are practical and have unlimited uses. With our range of cotton bags, you have even better bags that your sponsors and the attendees will love. The bags come in different designs, shapes, and sizes. You can also choose from a wide range of colours, and even make a custom design for your charity. We offer professional branding services that will not only make the bags stand out but also present an excellent advertising opportunity.
    1. Promotional Stationery
    Branded stationery like pens, pencils, notebooks, and the likes make excellent thank you gifts for the people who have made your charity a success. You can distribute these to sponsors, volunteers, and other supporters. Stationery items are incredibly portable and have numerous applications. They are easy to pass along, increasing the chances of spreading the word about your special cause and brand. With stationery, you have a wide range of products and branding ideas to choose from, making them highly adaptable to charities with different causes.
    1. Printed Stickers and Decals
    Stickers and decals have been a staple in the charity world for many years. They are a classic that never gets old. They are an ideal personalised item, especially when you design them using striking and vibrant colours. It’s vital to make them charming and appealing and design them according to your audience. Ensure your event’s purpose and them are captured in the images and graphics. Though small, stickers can travel far and wide. They easily capture attention and are a super spreader for your message.
    1. Branded Hand Sanitisers
    Hand sanitisers are a great way of showing care and concern for the stakeholders in your charity, given the crucial role of sanitisers, particularly at this time. Sanitisers are practical, effective and thoughtful. You can brand the packaging of the sanitisers and add a sentimental message that will let people know about your charity and the causes you stand for. There are different sizes of hand sanitisers in the market. The pocket-size ones are ideal because they are portable and affordabe.
    1. Silicone Wristbands
    Silicone wristbands are a hit as a merchandise item in various fields, not only for charities. You can leverage their popularity and success in past events. Go for varieties with vibrant and bold colours. In addition to the vibrant colours, you can have a logo and messages engraved on the bands. The bands are not only practical but fashionable items wearable to multiple occasions. They will carry your message to as many places as the wearer goes. For your charity, they are affordable. The chances of making a lasting impression with the right brand are incredibly high.

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