Cotton Shopping Bags

Cotton Shopping Bags

Today, cotton bags are by far the most popular alternative to paper and plastic shopping bags. This is mainly because cotton shopping bags are eco-friendly in comparison to plastic bags. However, their eco-friendliness is not the only thing they have going for them. Unlike other bags, they fetch a higher price tag but have the benefit of being reusable and long-lasting which is a small price to pay for the extra cost. In the long run, they end up being cheaper.

We at Cotton Bag have made a point of producing and printing cotton shopping bags. We have a wide range of options to choose from, and our customer service is friendly.

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Environmental friendliness

Cotton is a plant-based fibre. Because of this, they are easier on the environment, unlike plastic bags which take eons to decompose. Also, the process of creating plastic shopping bags results in harmful by-products being released into the environment and cause global warming. On the other hand, cotton shopping bags are woven from cotton threads. More to this, cotton is biodegradable even though many people opt to reuse it.


Our cotton shopping bags are thicker than plastic shopping bags. This means that they are strong enough to be reused for many years. Accord to cotton experts, cotton shopping bags last for centuries. We even have some cotton shopping bags with stiff cardboards on their base and reinforced handles for extra stability and strength, respectively.

Generally, cotton shopping bags are bigger than plastic bags. They, therefore, hold more items. And on the flip side, though plastic shopping bags can be reused, packing a lot and heavy items thin out the plastic over time. As for paper shopping bags, their durability is instantly compromised when they get wet.


Cotton shopping bags are innately stylish. However, this should no stop you from adding some custom features either for business or personal use. We have a long list of extra features you can add to the shopping bag, including handles, inside pockets, zippers, and labelling.

Moreover, you can add custom print to the cotton shopping bag for a beautiful and personalised effect. Speaking of printing, we have a wide range of printing options you can choose from. Moreover, we have partnered with specialised printing companies to offer specific printing services for best results.

This is necessary because different printing methods are ideal for different pieces of art. What’s more, we ensure not to take ages with the order. We deliver within a few days or ten weeks if it’s a bulk order.

If you choose to send us your design, we ask that you follow a few guidelines to ensure you get the best results.

Bespoke service

We are all about quality designs and customer satisfaction. We always follow up on how much you love the pieces and if they met your standards. For many previous clients, we are confident and proud to mention that we surpassed their expectations.

The Leading wholesale supplier in the UK

Since there are many companies in the UK cotton printing space, why should you choose us? Well, because we have a wide range of products to offer, we are timely, affordable and pay attention to printing details.

We are always on standby to advise on the best design and how you can achieve the best product and get value for your money.

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