Wholesale Cotton Tote Bags

Wholesale Cotton Tote Bags UK

Cotton tote bags are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. The ones that we supply in bulk are available in weights of 4.5oz- 5oz. We can customise them by printing your logo or artwork on them in various types of prints. Or the wholesale cotton tote bags that you would like can be made entirely bespoke through our bespoke service.

As you may be aware our cotton reusable shopping bags come in various types and sizes. Choose from natural tote cottons bags, cotton tote bags with coloured trims and fully dyed cotton bags. Full gusset and printed cotton drawstring bags are also available! Various handle styles available, from cotton self to premium cotton webbing. For more information about cotton check out our stock cotton tote bag page.

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Cotton Tote Bags
Canvas Bags
Dyed Bags

Looking for a coloured bag? Cotton retains and holds colour really well. This makes cotton tote bags to have a very vibrant look and feel. The cotton tote bags printed for you can be dyed with many colours as shown in the image above. You may use colour to impress your customers, especially when promoting new products at exhibitions. Our wholesale cotton tote bags will surely draw the attention of the crowds.

Check out our premium dyed Calla bag, available in 20 vibrant stock colours! Aqua, Baby Pink, Black, Brown, Burgundy, Green, Grey, Lavender, Light Green, Navy, Olive, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Sand, Teal, White & Yellow!

Printing technology

The tech world is fast changing. And for us to continue thriving in this market, we need to keep up with the trends. For these reasons, we have partnered with a host of companies in China that have high-end printing machinery. And what’s even better, they have a wide range of printing methods and options to ensure the design is don’t perfectly.

Speaking of design, you can choose to use any of our available designs or send us your samples that meet our specifications. We insist on this so that we have an easier time transferring the digital product to the cotton tote bag.


With all the beautiful printing concepts we do, coupled with the versatility and usability of the tote bag, we have the perfect solution for your branding and promotional products. Our custom tote bags will communicate your brand message effectively and reel in business for you without breaking your bank.

Timely delivery

In business, time is money. Or this reason, you need to pay attention to the time a company takes to fulfil your order. Lucky for you, we offer on print demand solutions, and we can accommodate large orders from multiple companies. However, the time take to complete an order is dependent on the complexity of the print and the bulk of the order.


We are all about saving the environment. The cotton tote bags we produce are eco-friendly. After all, cotton is a strong natural fibre. It is long-lasting and is hypoallergenic. This means it doesn’t excite allergies.


We offer tote bags in a wide range of colours, sizes, prints, and colours. We can also customize your tote bags if that’s what your business needs to thrive. We can customize the handles, the labels, the pockets, and zipper. Send us a note detailing the customisation you prefer, and we shall blow your mind.

The Leading wholesale supplier in the UK

We believe in making cotton bags and printed canvas bags an affordable alternative to the normal plastic shopping bags. Whether you are a multi-national retailer or a small local business, you are guaranteed to find the bags you are looking for. Along with our bespoke bag service, finding your perfect custom printed bags couldn’t be simpler. Sedex certified factories and ethical trading, allows us to supply good quality, ethically sourced bags made in our factories in India and China. Have any of our stock cotton shopper bags and canvas bags printed with your artwork within ten working days! We’ve worked hard to source our bags without compromising our ethical values.

What is a Canvas Bag?

Canvas is known for its durability which is why it is so often used in tents, sails, and marquees. We sew our canvas bags with a combination of cotton and synthetic fabrics to bring this long-lasting material into daily use. However, unlike plastic, canvas is completely recyclable and 100% biodegradable. Indeed, whilst plastic can take over 1,000 years to completely break down, our canvas bags can biodegrade in less than 1 year. Nevertheless, their long-lasting durability means they can be used for years and years first.

Bespoke & Ready-Made Designs

We search far and wide for the best quality cotton, produced by workers who are treated fairly, at affordable prices. That’s why, with our canvas bags, we hope to support your business to grow and get brand recognition for being ethical and eco-friendly. If you have an idea you want to bring to life, we have an in-house team of designers who can help you with screen printing, digital-transfer, embroidery, and other printing options.

Our helpful and friendly team are experts at making the most of your logo and ensuring it will look great on our canvas bags. They can also help you build your brand by adding a stylish image to any of our canvas bag styles.

Environmental & Ethical Credentials

CottonBag strives to find eco-friendly cotton produced by fair paid workers at affordable prices. Our ethical credentials are demonstrated by our Fairtrade, Organic, and Sedex approved ranges. This means we try to ensure our suppliers uphold the highest standards and we build more and more responsible supply chains. Our canvas bags are also 100% biodegradable.

Our eco-friendly and ethically sourced canvas bags are all available at affordable prices. Help boost your brand’s profile and be seen as a champion of ethical and sustainable practices with our canvas bags.

Should I buy a tote bag?

Tote bags have numerous uses in and outside the house. They are handy because of their roomy design and can hold multiple items for various uses. With the updated designs, you can also use a tote bag at work, or when attending a party.

Tote bags are perfect for every occasion, they are extremely versatile and make an excellent choice as a gift, which makes them a must-have.

Are tote bags better than Plastic bags?

Tote bags are better than plastic bags in more ways than one. They are hardy, reusable and at CottonBag, we make them from sustainable and recycled materials which help to reduce pollutions.

While a tote bag might cost you more to buy, it offers you more value for your money. Totes are versatile. You can use the tote for everything from going to the supermarket, to the gym, to work and even for attending a party.

Customised Wholesale Cotton Tote Bags

We can have your cotton tote bags wholesale order customised. With the help of our in-house design team, you can bring your design of a tote bag to life. You can customise everything right down to the details and handles of the bag.

Once the design is complete, we can have the bag custom printed as well. We also offer custom printing services on our stock cotton tote bags.

We can deliver fully customised cotton tote bags within eight weeks, while customised printing can take a minimum of 10 days. The exact time frame depends on the specifications and size of the order.

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Friendly Team

We are driven to deliver the best results for our clients. Besides having extensive experience in making reusable cotton tote bags, we also have a world-class facility fitted with the latest equipment.

Our facility is run by knowledgeable staff who double-check all the cotton tote bags before leaving the warehouse ensuring all are of the best quality and made to order.

Our in-house team includes designers, machine operators, printing technicians and sales experts who ensure every part of the process our bags go through is thorough and delivers bags that are functional and serve the purpose.