• 20 Creative Exhibition Stand Ideas

    20 Creative Exhibition Stand Ideas

    Although most exhibition halls attract thousands of attendees, getting noticed can be challenging considering the number of exhibitors. You have very little time to grab the attention of those passing by your stand and captivate them long enough for your sales team to work their magic. Your exhibition stand will be your first marketing avenue, and you have to come up with designs that will entice people and get the traffic coming in. Simply put, you have to get your traffic working for you. Here are some exhibition stand ideas that will help you get the most out of an exhibition hall and make you stand out.
    1. Graphics
    You can never go wrong with graphics. Using large-format graphics, high-quality prints, bold prints and vibrant colours will give your stand an enhanced look and scream from afar. If your budget allows, go for a 3D exhibition stand design to create a dramatic effect that is more attention-seeking.
    1. Go high
    When designing a stand, most people forget to consider the value of height in an exhibition hall. With so many stands and attendees, the only way you can get noticed from across the hall is if your stand is tall. Maximise on the height allowed by the show organisers. Combined with backlighting and font-style graphics, you have the perfect combination to pique the curiosity of those in attendance.
    1. Gamify
    This exhibition stand idea doesn’t cover all exhibitors. But with a bit of creativity, it can cover most. Adding a gaming element to your stand can optimise attraction to your booth and add a fun and entertaining aspect. Gaming can also increase the level of engagement and get them to stay longer, giving you more time to chat with them and sell your products.
    1. Virtual Reality Technology
    The exhibition industry hasn’t leveraged technology to the maximum. This creates an opportunity for you to wow your visitors using technology. The best among them for your exhibition purposes is the VR and AR technologies. Using these platforms, you can showcase your products in action in captivating and almost real-life graphics.
    1. Promotional giveaways and gifts
    Everyone loves freebies, and if you have some promotional items in your stand, you’re likely to get more traffic. Unlike most stand ideas, this approach is almost guaranteed to give you better results without a doubt. Ensure the giveaways are memorable to the visitors and help sell your brand even when they leave the hall.
    1. Free Wi-Fi
    It sounds like a basic idea. But you’d be surprised by just how many people such a small tweak will attract. Most exhibition centres don’t have a good connection. You can capitalise on this flaw to get more people to come to your stand.
    1. Host a Competition
    Appeal to the competitive nature of human beings by hosting a competition. The trick, in this case, is to choose a fast-paced, highly engaging and short game that will get adrenaline flowing fast. The level of activity and engagement in your stand will keep attracting more people.
    1. Set up a Photo Booth
    Photo booths have remained relevant even now that everyone has a camera in their pockets. They have great appeal and add a whimsical touch (depending on the booth’s design) to the photo. You can make the booth more modern by enabling live posting from the booth. The booth not only has a practical purpose but also serves as a point of focus in your stand.
    1. The Aspect of Fun
     Most exhibitors focus on business. This creates an uptight and gloomy atmosphere all around the hall. Adding an aspect of fun at your stand could make your stand the break everyone is looking for. If your idea of fun can be something interactive, the results will be even better. Giving your visitors a chance to try out your products while having fun is an excellent marketing idea.
    1. Bring the outdoors In
    Exhibitors are pretty predictable. Expect to see a lot of lighting and graphics at the other exhibition stands. You can break away from this norm by having a ‘living’ stand. Incorporating the outdoors in your indoor stand design will make the stand look unique, and the plants have a calming effect on the guests.
    1. An Engaging Emcee
    Great stand ideas are not only about the stand itself but also what you have inside the stand. An engaging emcee can be an asset to your marketing campaign. If you’re concerned about the noise, you can also go for a mascot. The goal is to have an entertaining twist to your stand and a person that can get more traffic into the stand.
    1. Showstoppers
    It’s a no-brainer to have a showstopper at an exhibition stand. But deciding what that is going to be is usually tricky. Cars and robots have previously been featured, and they make great attention grabbers.
    1. Repurposed Pallets
    Pallets are making a resurgence in the DIY market. You can use them to make furniture including seats and beds and now you can also use them on your exhibition stand. It requires some creativity. The simplest approach is to have a pallet background. You can also have seats made out of pallets. It’s not only authentic but also affordable.
    1. Japanese Origami
    An origami booth is the best of both worlds if executed properly. It offers a taste of the outdoors with a touch of modernity. It feels like a safe space where most guests would love to be. The natural environment is welcoming, and your guests won’t mind staying longer.
    1. Modular designs
    Modular designs are diverse and quite creative. There are numerous ways you can approach the design depending on your products. Even better, you can make modular shapes from recyclable materials like reclaimed wood and recyclable metal. You can opt for a bare architectural design that is easy to put together but intriguing to the eye. It’s a great design for environmentally conscious brands.
    1. Live Walls
    There’s something about plants that brings life to any spaces they are featured. A live wall is a great approach to adding that touch of life into your booth, and it also makes an excellent focal point for your stand. Paired with a modular design, the wall becomes a captivating piece with structural intrigue.
    1. Lighting
    Expect to see a lot of lighting in the exhibition hall. It’s everyone’s go-to. However, depending on how you use it, it can have different effects and results. Blend different types and colours of light. Focus on dramatic lighting and have the products lit up. Backlighting and even lighting on the floor can make you stand out and get more people interested in your stand.
    1. Illusion
    Trigger intrigues by creating illusions. Luckily, there are numerous ways you can achieve this. The best approach is to focus on the roof because it is easily seen from a distance.
    1. Displays
    With so much information to pass to potential leads in a short time, having a display-themed stand can ease the process. The displays can have product information, demos and with interactive displays, guests can also get to see the inner workings of the products and the designs.
    1. Lightboxes
    Lightboxes are simple, effective and dramatic. Just what you need to make an impact inside a packed exhibition hall. You can make the entire stand out of light boxes or having strategic focal points made out of the boxes. The boxes can take different shapes, sizes and lights. You just have to make sure they’re dramatic enough to capture attention.

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