Ethical Production

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As a company, we follow a strict trading policy. And though there is free reign in the industry, we expect our supplier at the very least to support us in upholding our beliefs. Part of our ethical policies outlines safety procedures for our workers in addition to those described by the government.

We do not sacrifice worker health for increased productivity or selfish company gain. Our workers are to be treated fairly and have a balanced work-life, especially when it comes to business hours and compensation for work done.

For better understanding below are the rules we expect our suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors to adhere to as well.

  • Employees are hired fairly

  • Respect for the right to freedom and free collective bargaining

  • Child labour must not be used

  • Working conditions should be safe, hygienic and decent

  • Statutory living wages must be paid

  • Working hours are not excessive

  • No discrimination must be practised

  • Sedex audited factories

  • Fairtrade certified factories and printers

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Ethical Manufacturing