• Top 5 Exhibition Merchandise

    Top 5 Exhibition Merchandise

    If you’ve decided to go with freebies at your next trade show exhibition, you’ve probably made the right choice. It’s a decision that has worked for many and could work for you too. How well it works depends on your selection of merchandise which could make or break this great idea. Choosing the right merchandise can affect the level of engagement and the interest of guests at the exhibition. If you’re not sure what would make great merchandise at the event, here is a list of five great options that won’t fail you.
    1. Eco-Friendly Reusable Bags
    Leverage on the increasing calls for brands to help in saving the planet and show your solidarity by offering your guests stylish cotton reusable bags. The bags come in different designs, sizes, shapes, and colours to suit various applications. We can also brand to transform them into a marketing tool that will advertise your brand for as long as they are in use. What makes our cotton bags unique is, they’re made from organic, responsibly sourced cotton that is sustainable, making the bags durable and good for the environment.
    1. Printed Apparel
    Printed apparel is another great idea. Apparel has been a staple in the trade show business for a long time. It’s one of those classics that don’t run out of style. The staff manning the stand can wear the apparel to convey that uniformed look and make your employees look visually associated with the company. The apparel is not just for your staff but also for the visitors who come into the stand. When choosing apparel, be cautious and pick options that are practical and in-line with the weather. This will maximise interest among the guests.
    1. Promotional USB Memory Sticks
    With so many people relying on gadgets like laptops, tablets, and phones, there’s always going to be demand for storage. USB memory sticks are portable and practical, and they are something you can’t have too much of. You can load the USB sticks with promotional material for your brand and have the memory sticks printed with your brand’s logo. They make an excellent alternative for printed promotional literature.
    1. Stress and Fidget Toys
    Stress and fidget toys are common in most offices. They come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Stress toys are not only practical but can be used straight away. All you have to do is ensure you pick the right toys for your target audience to increase chances of engagement and ensure maximum traffic. Also, don’t forget to brand them as well. They make great marketing tools as they lay around at different office tables.
    1. Phone Covers
    You would be surprised by how much people care about their phones. Having a trendy and stylish phone cover with your brand logo will likely fly off the shelf. Phone covers are a great idea because they are easy to make and affordable. They are a great choice if you’re a tech company specialising in specific phone services or products, like the iPhone. This will allow you to target specific users who have a higher chance of becoming your customers in the future.

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