• How to Wear a Tote Bag?

    How to Wear a Tote Bag?

    Tote bags are one of the simplest ways of ferrying your items from point A to point B. But for some people, they are more than this – they are a fashion statement. And if you wear your tote properly, your tote will complement and accentuate your style.

    Below are some tips to help you wear your tote.

    Baby Pink Princess

    This look will add life to your style. To pull it off, you will need to have the following clothing:

    • A boxy denim jacket. Choose one that goes well with summer skirts.
    • An oversized t-shirt.
    • A tulle summer skirt (it’s better if it is knee length).
    • Sporty sneakers. If it is summer, you are going to be taking long walks.
    • A pink cap perfect for the summer weather to piece everything together.
    • A pink canvas tote bag.
    • Cute accessories that meet your fancy like a rose gold chain or ring.

    Bohemian Look

    This look is ideal for summer. The free dresses are ideal for any event, including picnics, casual outings and a simple day spent at the beach. Below is a look that will make your tote pop.

    • A long white bareback dress. If it shows off your curves even better.
    • A straw hat with some cute detailing to protect your face from the sun.
    • White knickers.
    • A denim tote bag (blue). The canvas material used needs to be sturdy if it is to hold a lot of weight. Since you are going to the beach, you are bound to carry a heavy load.

    This look is chic and laid back; it will most definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

    The Rock Star

    This is yet another great style you can pull off. The ‘rock star’ is laid back and stylish as well. It is ideal for picnics, parties and other outdoor activities. Below are all the clothing items and accessories you will need to pull this off.

    • Slouchy sweater for when it gets cold. A white or grey sweater will work just fine
    • Skinny jeans (high waist). If they are distressed even better. Navy blue and black are perfect for this look.
    • A pair of comfortable sneakers. The colours should be neutral (black or white).
    • A short-sleeved white top. If you can get a crop top, it would be even better.
    • A leather choker or a metallic ring to compliment the look

    To piece all these pieces of clothing together, you need a white and black tote bag with strong straps.

    Functional and casual

    Another cool way to wear the tote is in a functional but casual manner. To pull this look off, you will need the following:

    • Nude flats.
    • A black hat (the cuter, the better).
    • A sweater top (grey is preferred).
    • Black boyfriend pants.

    What about the tote bag? You can have a brown tote bag to carry important items as you run errands all day long.

    The above are simply ideas to get you started. You can pair your tote bag with any item you feel is perfect. Tap into the fashionista in you for some more guidance.

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