• 5 Steps How You Can Save the Planet

    5 Steps How You Can Save the Planet

    Every day, the world produces thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide. Most of these are from human activities. With the reduced forest cover, the earth can no longer consume carbon dioxide as fast as we produce. The result has been climatic change owing to global warming.

    Governments are trying to create incentives that will help reduce the production of greenhouse gases. But, whether the earth survives this or not is purely up to you. It is your time to become a hero and save the earth.

    Here are some simple steps to help you play your part in restoring balance and creating a more stable environment.

    Eat Less Meat

    For some people, this is a big sacrifice, but it’s worth it. The meat industry contributes significantly to the emission of greenhouse gases and pollution of the earth’s waterways. Also, the production of methane by cows, deforestation to clear space for livestock and use of fertilisers are all reasons why you should consider eating less meat.

    Focus more on a plant-based diet, which is healthier for you and will be better for the environment.


    In the UK, only a third of plastic food packaging is recycled. The rest ends up in a landfill or is burned. It’s important to note that not all plastics are recyclable.

    When purchasing items made from plastic, always check to make sure that the plastic can be recycled. If possible, minimise the amount of plastic packaging you buy. By reducing demand, you can reduce production and, consequently, the production of greenhouse gases.


    Reusing things around the house can reduce pollution and the emission of carbon dioxide. You can use empty jars to make candle holders. Some people even use garbage bags to plant vegetables. Reusing and upcycling is so simple you can implement them at home. All you need is some creativity.

    You should also consider switching to reusable cotton bags. These diverse bags are a great way to do away with plastic supermarket bags. They are strong, durable, washable and made from organic and ethically sourced cotton.

    If you’re not sure where to get such bags, at Cotton Bag, we have plenty of options for you. We can even have them printed with a special message for you to get more people to become heroes for the planet.

    Plant trees

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates that planting a trillion more trees could lower the average temperature increase to 1.50C. At the current global population of seven billion, that would mean each person should plant 142 trees.

    It’s not easy, but it can be achieved if everyone jumps on the wagon and does their part. Trees play a crucial role in cleaning the air because they consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.

    Be Political

    One of the most powerful tools we have in protecting the earth is using our vote. Consider voting for candidates that are passionate about the environment and promise to campaign for environmental change.

    Be vocal about your disappointment when politicians are not doing enough. You can contact them by writing letters, demonstrating and creating awareness on the need to start taking better care of our environment now.


    Your efforts alone are not enough to slow down global warming and start making positive gains. But it starts with you. If you start today and more people become more conscious about the need to take care of our environment, in a few years, the impact of the small actions from many heroes will have a substantial positive impact on the earth.

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