wholesale jute bags UK

Jute Bags Wholesale UK

We have a wide selection of jute bags that can be customised to your requirements. We also specialise in bespoke bags made to your specification.

Most clients wonder if our wholesale jute bags are recyclable. Well, they are eco-friendly, but we don’t describe them as recyclable – here’s why. We make jute bags to be reused and not to be thrown away. Because of this, we encourage our wholesale jute bag clients to create jute bag designs that clients will want to carry around for years after purchase.

And this is where we come in. We have a wide array of jute bag solutions you can take advantage of. We shall hold your hand throughout the process and endure you come up with a design that will represent your brand well and that clients will love.

The first step of working together starts with you sending an email. But before that, here’s why you should get in touch.

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High-quality hessian bags wholesale

We go out of our way to source for the best jute material in the industry. After all, for us to create a high-quality bag, we first need high-quality fabric. Once that is done, we ensure that the stitching around the seams and the handles is well done. This makes sure that the bags will support heavy weights for extended hours if need be.

What’s even better, when fulfilling a large order, we ensure that the quality remains consistent throughout the process. This means that the last bag has the same quality as the first. Our specialised team counterchecks the quality of every bag before it leaves our warehouse, and as such, you receive nothing but the best.

Affordable prices

It’s often said that you get what you pay for. And for the most part, this is true. However, JuteBag has decided to stray away from the norm. We have made a point of producing high-quality bags without making our clients pay through the nose for them.

Whether you make an order for 25 jute bags, 100 or 100,000 printed bags, you’ll find our prices to be affordable and competitive in the market.

Print on demand

If you want wholesale jute bags for marketing or promotional purposes, we are the bag for you. This is because we provide print-on-demand services. We design a lot of plain jute bags. But we are aware that our clients will like to spice up the bags. For this reason, we leave the option to personalise the bags open.

You can send us your designs, and we can print or embroider them on the jute bags to create the effect that you need. While you can send us any design you please, we request that you ensure the image send is high-quality to make it easier for us to deliver high-quality printing as well.

Leading Wholesale Supplier in the UK

We’ve grown over the years to be the industry leader. We understand the needs of our customers and at times, feel like we can read minds. Moreover, we have a range of skills and contacts that allow us to complete our projects in a timely fashion without compromising on the quality of products that we provide our clients with.

You can reach out to us today to place an order. We shall walk you through the process and explain the options available to you and the best ones to help achieve your promo goals at no extra cost.