• Jute Bag vs Plastic Bag

    Jute Bag vs Plastic Bag

    Jute bag is a natural fibre that is found from a native plant that grows in South East Asia, including Bangladesh and India. The plant just like cotton is processed into a strong and durable fibre.

    The fibre is, in turn, used to make durable and eco-friendly packaging products. But recently, there has been a lot of comparison between plastic and jute bags. Some experts favour plastic bags while others favour jute and cotton bags. One would have thought that jute bags would have one without any debate right?

    Well, things are not as black and white as you’d think. But in the end, jute bag packaging solutions win.

    Below is a rundown of everything you need to know about the two types of bags.

    How plastics ended up being widely used

    Since jute bags are made from plants, they are slightly more expensive in comparison to plastic bags. Because of this, plastic bags became popular. And when it comes to business, the cheapest product that has acceptable quality is favoured. But the problem with plastic is that it does not break down fast – it’s not bio-degradable. Some plastics take between 50 and 400 years to break down. Imagine that!

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    A plastic bag will last for over five generations. Such kind of pollution can have devastating effects on the environment, as many environmental experts have pointed out many times in the recent past.

    Plastic bags end up floating in oceans and lakes and suffocating aquatic life. And unfortunately, some marine life like jellyfish absorb the plastic and then die. The UK government has realized the threat and have set up policies to help control plastic use. Luckily, jute bags are a great alternative.

    Benefits of jute bags

    They are a natural fibre

    We’ve pointed out that jute is derived from a plant that is indigenous to Asia. The fibre is strong and durable. And because it is a natural product, it breaks down faster and is not harmful to the earth. Also, carrying items in the jute bags helps to preserve their hygiene. Though plastic bags are not a threat to human health, they do not breakdown easily.


    Since the bags are made from natural fibre, they are readily available and affordable. They feel smooth and soft. Also, the fabric can be designed into any shape you prefer to reach your target market. On the other hand, plastic bags aren’t durable. They lose their initial gloss fast and stretch with every load it carries. Eventually, they are stretched to the limit and break.


    Jute bags, like cotton bags, are breathable. This quality helps in improving airflow in the system and preserving the freshness of all the items it carries especially groceries. In addition, the bags are also temperature resistant, unlike regular plastic bags.

    Reduced carbon footprint

    The production process between the two types of bags varies greatly. It’s like heaven and earth. Jute bags are usually kind on the environment when it comes to the emissions during their manufacture, while plastic bags release a lot of carbon gases which impact the environment negatively and result in global warming. Jute bags are eco-friendly and more to it; they safeguard the future earth for coming generations.


    Experts have said a lot about these two products. But ultimately, you make the final decision. As you prepare to decide, bear in mind the use of the bag and how long you want to use the bag. With these considerations, you’ll find yourself favouring jute bags over plastic bags.

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