Non-Woven Shopping Bags

Non-Woven Shopping Bags

Non-woven bags are perfect for large scale manufacturing because they are low cost to produce. They are made from recycled fabrics, which include PP, NWPP, RPET, Polyester, Taffetta, PU Leather, and nylon materials.

The bags are neither woven nor knitted, and because of the diversity of materials used to make the bags, they offer unique material properties like varying weights.

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Stock Non-Woven Bags

We offer a wide range of non-woven stock bags for clients that want ready-made bags. Our range comes in various synthetic materials, which include Nylon, Polyester, and PU.

To increase the durability and functionality of the bag, our stock options come with an interior made from bonded-fibre fabrics.

The bags are hardy and offer a variety of other handy features like ease of sewing, crease-resistant, washable, and they don’t fray.

The features differ depending on the material used to make the bags. Our PP range of non-woven bags is the toughest in its range and is commonly used as an alternative to canvas and jute bags.

The NWPP and Tafetta fabric bags balance between cost, longevity, and practicality. They are perfect when you’re looking to have the non-woven bags produced en masse for giveaways, for marketing, or selling.

Bespoke Non-Woven Bags

We can deliver non-woven bags designed, produced, and printed to our customers’ specifications through our bespoke bag service.

The bespoke non-woven bags come in various sizes and shapes for varying applications. These can include small backpacks perfect for school and also going to the supermarket.

Using our bespoke service, you can design your non-woven bag from picking the material for the bag to the design and even the printing. We also allow our clients to choose the handles and other extras for the bag.

Our range of bespoke non-woven bags allows you or your brand to stand out while maintaining practicality, durability, and affordability of the bags. To ensure our clients get value for their money, all the bags are made from high-quality materials using ethical processing and trading.

Bulk Order Processing

We have the capacity to deliver on large custom and stock orders for corporates, marketing, and branding purposes.

We can deliver bulk orders of bespoke non-woven bags complete with printing in as little as eight weeks. The exact time will depend on the size of the order. For clients that want to add printing to our stock options, we can have the printing completed in just ten days.

Ethical Trading

At CottonBags, we are dedicated to providing clients with environmentally-friendly storage choices made from sustainable and recyclable materials. But we also take our production process very seriously to ensure we are compliant and our processes are ethical.

We regularly send our company representatives to inspect and monitor all our ETI certified factories are operating within the set guidelines and using the appropriate procedures and materials for every bag. As a sign of our commitment to ethical trading, our factories are also certified with SEDEX to ensure we continue operating within the required confines.

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