Small Elm Cotton Pouch

Fabric: 5oz Cotton
Colour: Natural
Size: 13cm (h) x 10cm (w)
Features: Cotton Tape Drawstring


Screen Print UK OVERSEAS
Print Area 8cm (h) x 5cm (w) Edge to Edge
Minimum Order 100 1,000
Lead Times 10 Working Days From 8 Weeks

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    5oz Small cotton pouch with flat cotton tape drawstring closure. Perfect for small gifts or packaging.

    At Cotton Bags, we have an excellent collection of small cotton bags that you can use for various applications, including gift bags, for your make-up, or even carrying your phone around.

    We have a fantastic team of designers who are always trying to develop new and exciting designs for our line of small cotton bags.

    But we understand that our clients might be looking for something that is not yet in our collection at times. With our bespoke service, you can bring your own mini cotton bag to life using our extensive range of materials and accessories. This service gives you the power to decide the most basic and most minute details of your small jute bag like the zipper and tags (if any).

    Available in natural cotton.

    Visit our online web-shop to purchase our plain bags. Minimum order: 50 bags

    We have retailers that have partnered with us for many years. Together, we have distributed and sold thousands of cotton bags. Our goal as a wholesaler has always been to provide our partners and bulk clients with trendy, practical, and stylish bags that are affordable, grab attention, and serve the purpose at hand.

    Whether you’re looking to purchase one of our stock options, upgrade one of our options or design your own small cotton bag from scratch, you can always rely on our teams and capacity to deliver on the bags fast and within the agreed time.

    As the awareness of conserving the environment increases, customers are making little but significant changes to their lifestyle. One of the ways they are doing this is by shifting from plastic bags to small cotton bags.

    Over the years, the demand for small cotton bags has been increasing. Partly because of the migration to eco-friendly options but mainly because of the unique design, lightweight nature, and vibrant colours that these bags come in. At Cotton Bags, we have dedicated ourselves to producing trendy, high-quality cotton bags that make the perfect resell item and is an excellent option for corporate events and giveaways.

    Choose from Our Many Designs of Small Cotton Bags

    Our excellent collection of small cotton bags is ideal for various applications and make wonderful gift bags, makeup bags, and you can use them to carry your essentials like your phone.

    Our designers have developed various designs to cater to the increasing demand and use for the bags. Each of the designs comes with a tape drawstring closure that secures the contents of the bag and makes the bag easy to carry.

    Besides the many designs, we can also supply the bags in a variety of vibrant colours and our popular natural finish.

    Customised Small Cotton Bags

    Our range of small cotton bags really comes to life with a custom design, a logo, or a brand message. You can choose to brand one of our stock designs with your selected artwork or design your own bag from scratch using our bespoke bag service. You get to choose the materials and accessories you want in your bag, and our team of designers will help bring your design to life.

    Ethically Sourced, Fair Trade Imported Cotton

    We are keen on using organic, responsibly sourced, and sustainable cotton to make our bags. With the sales of our bags, we aim to empower communities and farmers that rely on cotton as a cash crop.

    We are a Fair Trade, SEDEX, and Organic certified organisation, which speaks to our dedication to using the best quality and responsibly-sourced cotton for our bags.

    Leading Small Cotton Bags Wholesaler in the UK

    We have over ten years of experience as a supplier to some of the most reputable retailers in the UK. Our reliable service and quality bags have seen us become one of the leading wholesalers in the UK, working with both retailers and corporate clients to deliver bulk orders on time and as specified by our clients.

    Custom Printing

    You can use our small cotton bags to promote an event or create awareness for your brand or charity. With our professional branding services, we can help you print your desired signage or branding on the bags.

    Clients have the option of choosing one of our stock designs for custom printing or use our bespoke bag service to come up with their own small cotton bags from scratch.

    Custom printing done on our stock designs takes a few days for the order to be completed while printing on custom designs can take a few weeks depending on the design and the size of the order.

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