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With the increasing desire to reduce plastic waste, reusable, eco-friendly shopping bags are now the “in thing” and guess what? Promotional, customised, and printed canvas tote bags are the best choice for brand awareness, better than any other reusable product.

When it comes to eco-friendly customised bag materials, promotional canvas bags are the most popular, the ‘reusable bag of choice’ for branding, shopping, gifting, etc. Among various bio-degradable bags, canvas is the fabric of choice for various reasons.

  • Canvas is strong when compared to other fabrics – canvas has got an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Shopping bags have to be strong enough to carry multiple heavy groceries. However, it has to be lightweight too. Canvas is manufactured by a knitting technique known as ‘plain weave’. This knitting technique makes the fabric strong when it is compared to other woven materials. So, heavy grocery items can easily be carried in style and comfort.
  • Canvas is produced from the cotton plant and is a durable fabric. If handled with care, the canvas can last for years, even decades without tearing or any wearing. This is achieved again by the plain weaving technique.
  • Did you know that dyed canvas is washable too? It doesn’t need any special attention. Your bag can be simply tossed into the washing machine with other laundry items. And without any doubts, the fabric remains the same.
  • Even after several washes – printed canvas bags remain the same in terms of material and print quality. Stains and food leakages are common on subsequent uses, especially when used as a reusable grocery bag.
  • Due to its smooth finish, canvas makes a good surface material for printing and is one of the most receptive eco-friendly materials for ink transfer. Canvas can easily accept colours without any bleeding, and so the ink sets in well. Advertisers can easily market their brand with promotional canvas bags or customised canvas tote bags. Once set, the ink doesn’t fade out, flake or rub off; as the ink is cured after printing.
  • Promotional canvas tote bags or customised canvas tote bags are completely environmentally-friendly. Canvas can be recycled easily and has a very low impact on the environment.

Canvas is a quality, economical fabric. So even for small advertisers and businesses, it is highly affordable. Thus, Promotional Canvas Tote Bags are The Bag of Choice for Branding. 

Our bulk canvas bags are available in 8oz- 16oz. Choose from natural canvas bags and fully dyed canvas bags. ‘Full gusset’ and ‘T-gusset’ bags are available along with bags with inner pockets. Choose from various handle styles, from cotton self to premium cotton webbing! For more information about canvas bags wholesale, check out our stock cotton bag page.

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