Small Fabric Bags

Small Fabric Bags

Many people, especially women, love pouches. Though tiny, they are useful and are made from durable and sturdy materials. However, if you want to preserve the environment, and get a durable pouch at an affordable price, CottonBag’s Small Fabric Bags are your best bet. Though cotton is generally more expensive than plastic, the extra cost is cancelled out by the taxes and additional charges governments and businesses apply on plastic pouches. Moreover, our cotton pouches can be made even more appealing through printing.



CottonBag offers a range of cotton pouch styles. The main categories include jewellery bags, pencil cases, and drawstring bags. Under these, there are other types based on colour, size, and design.

CottnBag offers a range of cotton pouch styles. The main categories include jewellery bags, pencil cases, and drawstring bags. Under these, there are other types based on colour, size, and design.

On-demand print service

Yes, our Small Fabric Bags designs are beautiful and functional. However, we are aware of the fact that businesses and individuals would love to pour out their personality onto the pouches. For this reason, we provide ready-made cool designs for pouches. Alternatively, we also accept client designs. However, these have to meet a specific set of guidelines to ensure we deliver high-quality print.

Moreover, we should point out that we have access to a range of printing methods. The printing method we use depends on the type of print you need on the pouch.

Print On Time

The point of on-demand printing service is to receive your order as soon as possible. As a company, we can process bulk orders in a short time. The minimum order size we accept is a 1000 pieces. And depending on whether you’d like extra customisation or a simple print, the time can go up to ten days.

But even then, ten days is a lot better than what other businesses in the industry can offer.

Quality Cotton

We are keen on ensuring we use quality cotton. Cotton is available in different types. The type of manufacturing process cotton undergoes determines its type and quality. As a company, we make sure to use high-quality cotton for our Small Fabric Bags. This means that cotton will last long. It also makes it easier to create a beautiful cotton pouch.

Wide Range of Small Fabric Bags

Fabric bags have numerous applications and with our diverse collection, you can find even more uses for our handy small fabric bags. We offer small fabric bags in different sizes, colours and designs. We are always working on more designs to cater to market trends and the needs of our clients.

Customised Small Fabric Bags

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with thoughtful and functional small fabric bag designs. We also have a bespoke bag service that our clients can use to bring their designs to life if they can’t find the ideal bag in our collection.

Leading Wholesale supplier in the UK

Cotton Bag has been in the industry for over a decade. During this time, we have successfully fulfilled different orders for our clients. We have learnt the ins and outs of the business and built a reputation for timely delivery, affordable products and high-quality.

Aside from Small Fabric Bags, we have a wealth of other cotton products ranging from tote bags, promotional cotton bags, and other designs. With all of these products, you are guaranteed quality because of Sedex certified factories ethical trading.

Are you looking for cotton pouches for business or as a promotional and branding item for your business? Whichever it is, place an order with us today and have us get back to you with the pieces of art in less than ten days. We guarantee you’ll not have ethical issues with our products and the process we use.

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