• What Paint to use on Jute Bags

    What Paint to use on Jute Bags

    Jute bags have gained popularity in the past decade. This is mainly because they are eco-friendly and durable. They are the ideal economy bags for those looking for stylish bags to use regularly. You can use them for shopping, to carry your gym clothes, to go to the beach, for a picnic or simply as an accessory during summer.

    Cottonbag makes personalized jute bag options. We allow you to choose a design that is complete with the wording or graphics you need. But if you have specific tastes or cannot meet our minimum order requirement (since you need it for personal use and not business), you can easily make a creative jute bag using paints and decorative accents.

    The fact that jute bags are versatile means that they are ideal for crafting and general DIY projects. But before you embark on a DIY project, you need to know the kinds of paints you can use on the jute fabric.

    Acrylic craft paint

    This type of paint offers you a perfect blend of two types of paints. Like regular acrylic paint, acrylic craft paints have acrylic as their primary binder. But on the plus side, acrylic craft paints are usually premixed into complex colours. This is a big deal for DIYers because it saves you the trouble of having to buy many different paint colours to achieve your desired design.

    In addition to being premixed, acrylic paints have the added benefit of drying fast. Because of this, you can paint multiple layers on your jute bag for an intricate design. Also, acrylic paints are water-resistant.

    Given the durability of jute bags, you are guaranteed the jute bag will outlast the paint. Luckily, when the paint fades, you can always create a new design. You can consider this a way of changing your look every few months.

    Oil paints

    Unlike acrylic craft paints, oil based paints need more time to dry. However, most individuals have an easier time blending, mixing and transitioning the colours. Since oil paints take longer to dry, you need to pay attention to preparation time. Prep the bag to prevent the paint from soaking into the bag.

    Even though oil paints retain their original colour after drying, overall, they degrade the quality of jute bags with time. The paints are waterproof which means you can create timeless designs.

    Water colours

    These types of paints aren’t popular because they don’t last long. However, if you are looking to repurpose your jute bag fast for a specific one-time event, water colours will serve you well. Given their versatility, they give you a lot of room to come up with breath taking abstract paintings with sharp and crisp lines.

    With the water colours, the design is short-lived since the paint will fade with time (it fades faster when you wash the bag).

    Spray paint

    Though these types of paints have some level of complications, they are great when it comes to lasting designs. Generally, when using spray paint, you should maintain a distance between 12 and 18 inches between the spray nozzle and the jute bad. Also, be sure to overlap the strokes lightly and to keep the layers thin.

    Other options

    Other paint options include chalk paint and latex paint. Chalk paint fades with time (like water colours), while latex paints have higher colour retention in comparison to oil paints. The beauty of latex paints is that it retains the bag’s flexibility, unlike designs made with oil-based paints.

    With some creativity and the right type of paint in hand, you can have a bespoke jute bag in no time. The choice of paint will depend on the durability and finish you are going for.

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