• 20 Reasons Why Plastic Bags Should be Banned

    20 Reasons Why Plastic Bags Should be Banned

    More countries are embracing the ban on plastic bags. And there are even more reasons why plastic bags should be banned even by the countries that have not yet banned them. Here are 20 reasons why plastic bags need to be banned.

    1. Plastic bags are non-biodegradable

    The reason you see so many plastic bags around is that they don’t decompose. They only get chopped into smaller, lighter pieces that are easily carried by wind and water.

    1. They litter the streets

    Plastic bags are everywhere. You will find them in the streets and even in waterways. They are easily transported by wind, and they always find ways to land where they are not needed.

    1. They contribute to global warming

    Plastic bags are made from polyethene, which is produced from processing natural gas or refining crude oil. Both are non-renewable natural resources that produce greenhouse gases that have fuelled global warming.

    1. Plastic bags are toxic

    Plastic bags are not only a nuisance, but they are also toxic. They are filled with toxic chemicals that include oestrogen-like substances and can impact how our bodies behave.

    1. Animals mistake them for food

    A lot of plastic waste finds its way to the ocean and forests, where animals mistake it for food. Because they don’t disintegrate, they can cause deaths. Turtles are among the most affected, with an estimated 35% of them dying from consuming plastic.

    1. They are hard to recycle

    Plastic bags have become such an ecological burden because they are hard to recycle. Once they reach the end of their life, they are simply thrown away.

    1. Plastic bags are expensive and hard to remove from the environment

    Plastic bags are expensive to produce and even more expensive to clean from the environment.

    1. They have external costs

    It’s not enough that producing plastic bags are expensive to produce. They also have external costs like environmental costs.

    1. Plastic bags last longer. Far longer than we want them

    It takes thousands of years for plastic bags to degrade. Considering more are produced each day, the increase in plastic pollution is inevitable.

    1. It will reduce landfill

    Most of the waste taken to landfills is plastic bags. Banning plastic bags can help to reduce the plastic bags thrown into the environment.

    1. It will keep the environment clean

    Banning plastic bags will go a long way in helping to keep the environment clean.

    1. Banning will create awareness

    Banning plastic bags will create awareness and encourage research into the effects of the bags and discourage use.

    1. Improved technology

    Banning plastic bags will push businesses to find ways of producing better and more sophisticated bags.

    1. It will save money

    Plastic costs a lot of money to make and clean up. Banning will help to reduce the tax burden on preserving the environment.

    1. It’s about time

    Most people are ready for the plastic ban, and there are alternatives like cotton bags. It is time the ban came into effect.

    1. Increase support for green companies

    Banning plastic bags will increase support for local workers and green industries.

    1. Create new job opportunities

    A plastic bags ban will increase the demand for sustainable and reusable bags creating employment and new job opportunities.

    1. It is recommended

    Banning plastic is recommended by UNEP, further piling pressure on the need for the ban.

    1. Reduce pollution

    Plastic makes up a significant part of the waste and pollution. Banning it would help countries to start focusing on other ways of reducing pollution.

    1. There are alternative bags

    Plastic bags enjoy a monopoly, but there are other eco-friendly alternatives in the market.

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