• 10 Reasons Why You Should Recycle

    10 Reasons Why You Should Recycle

    A couple of years back, very few people, if any, paid attention to the waste that was accumulating in their homes and landfills. As such, the problem grew so big that it attracted the attention of the authorities who are now concerned that the waste will cause chaos if nothing is done.

    Luckily, a solution was found – recycling. Through this process, waste is converted into useful products. Some of the common waste materials that can be recycled include paper, cotton bags, plastic, drink cans, cardboard, tabs, trays, food cartons, and aluminium foils.

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    And although recycling has been around for quite some years now, we need to intensify our efforts to bear even more fruits in a shorter time. With that said, below are some reasons why you should recycle.

    It affects the whole world

    Waste management isn’t a problem in the UK alone. It’s a global problem. As such, if the waste is allowed to accumulate, we might run out of locations to bury the waste, and it might have devastating effects on our immediate environment. As it is, we have already started to feel the negative impact of global warming.

    Conserve the natural resources

    Plants are a limited resource. If we exert a lot of pressure, they die and are depleted with time. The best way to preserve plants and other resources is by recycling waste. For instance, recycling tons of paper annually will help save about 17 trees and many litres of water.

    Reduce carbon emission

    Recycling reduces carbon emissions. If the waste isn’t recycled, they end up being burnt and releasing dangerous gases that affect the climate. Planting trees can also help in reducing the levels of carbon in the air. A single tree can use up about 250 pounds from the air daily.

    Save energy

    Recycling saves a lot of energy. Companies that use aluminum usually save about 95% of their energy during the production of the materials in comparison to those who use raw materials.

    Reduces the number of landfills

    The waste disposal rate is increasing exponentially, that it is scary. This rapid increase translates into accumulation of landfills. If a solution is not found, the world will run out of space for disposing of its waste. Cities that are located next to oceans have been polluting the ocean water because their landfills are full.

    Increases property value

    Recycling helps to improve the value of a property. The presence of landfills reduces property value since no one likes living close to a smelly landfill. If you recycle more, the landfills will reduce in size and numbers, and the region will increase in value.

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    You can make a huge difference

    Decide to make a difference through recycling. If you do the math of the amount of waste your family disposes of every year, you’ll agree with us that you can make a difference in saving the planet.

    Creates jobs

    Most of the recycling processes are done in industries. If recycling levels increase, it only means more recycling plants will be established, which in turn leads to job creation. According to statistics, recycling creates 10x more jobs than management of landfills.

    Saves money

    Get in the habit of buying what you need and reusing items instead of buying new products. This will save you money and give you the satisfaction of saving the planet in the process.

    Accelerates tech advancements

    Currently, companies and businesses are feeling the pressure of embracing eco-friendly solutions. This has forced many to look for innovative tech to use in recycling materials. These new technologies favour mother nature.

    Now that you know the benefits of recycling, it’d be best if you got in on the action as well. Tough one person can make a difference; together, we can do wonders.

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